What is the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark?

  • Label

    The Solar Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices Mark is a self-certification-based label aimed at creating more transparency in the O&M market and allowing leading companies to demonstrate their excellence.

  • Checklist

    O&M Contractors using the Mark declare conformity with SolarPower Europe’s O&M Best Practices Guidelines and put together a checklist and a technical dossier to substantiate their compliance.

  • Technical dossier

    Customers can rely on the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark as they can request participating O&M Contractors to prove their compliance by sharing their checklists and technical dossiers.

Selected certified companies:



Certified companies’ benefits

  • Excellence

    Display the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark on your website and publications to proclaim the excellence and reliability of your solar O&M services vis-à-vis potential clients and competitors.

  • Credibility

    Strengthen your company’s credibility by offering to your customer an access “on request” to the checklist and technical dossiers certifying your compliance with SolarPower Europe’s O&M Best Practices Guidelines.

  • Visibility

    Create your own profile on the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark website and have your logo featured in the SolarPower Europe newsletter.

  • Graphic toolkit

    Display the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark on your website and other marketing materials such as such as emails and flyers and receive the high-resolution print version of the O&M Best Practices Guidelines.

  • Paolo V. Chiantore, BayWa r.e. Operation Services S.r.l.
  • Ingo Rehmann, Greentech
  • Vassilis Papaeconomou, Alectris
  • Alfredo Beggi, Stern Energy
  • Robin Hirschl, ENcome Energy Performance GmbH

Solar power plant owners’ benefits

  • Transparency

    Know if your contractor has adhered to SolarPower Europe’s O&M Best Practices Guidelines. The O&M Best Practices Mark improves the transparency of the O&M global market, empowering solar power plant owners to choose the best O&M service providers.

  • Reliability

    Request your contractor’s filled-in checklist and technical dossier and see in detail if and how they comply with the Best Practices Guidelines.

  • Increase service quality

    Your contractor does not use the O&M Best Practices Mark yet? Ask them to adhere!

Why did SolarPower Europe create the Mark?

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) has become a standalone segment within the solar industry, accounting for about one third of the jobs created and value added by the entire solar industry in Europe. It is acknowledged by all stakeholders that high-quality O&M services increases solar power plants’ competitiveness and decreases electricity costs.

One of the main challenges facing the solar O&M industry is the discrepancies between the quality of services provided by different O&M Contractors. Reasons for this include increasing price pressure, lack of standardisation and minimum requirements, inadequate management processes, poorly qualified staff and insufficient use of digital data analytics.

Responding to the discrepancies that exist in today’s solar O&M market, SolarPower Europe’s free O&M Best Practices Guidelines make it possible for all to benefit from the experience of leading experts in the sector and increase the level of quality and consistency in O&M. These Guidelines are meant for O&M Contractors as well as investors, financiers, asset owners, asset managers, monitoring tool providers, technical consultants and all interested stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

To strengthen the commitment of worldwide O&M players in delivering excellence-led, proficient and reliable services in solar O&M, SolarPower Europe has created the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark. The eligibility requirements of the Mark have been developed by SolarPower Europe’s member-led O&M Task Force.