Free download:

Checklist The Solar O&M Best Practices Mark Checklist (2019 edition). An Excel tool that will automatically determine on the basis of your responses whether or not you fulfill the requirements of the Mark. The Checklist can be freely downloaded here. Before registering, do a first self-evaluation to see if you fulfill the stringent requirements of the Mark. Download the Checklist here. Download the Spanish version of the Checklist here.
SolarPower Europe O&M Best Practices Guidelines SolarPower Europe’s Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices Guidelines Version 3.0. Download the Guidelines here. Download the Mexican edition of the Guidelines here.


Communications Toolkit (only for registered adherents):

Solar O&M Best Practices Mark logo The logo of the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark in different formats and sizes: this is the “Mark” itself that you will display on your website and other surfaces. Download the logo here.
Communications Toolkit Manual The Communciations Toolkit Manual gives you guidance on how to use and get the most out of the resources of the Communications Toolkit such as the logo. Download the Manual here.
The Solar O&M Best Practices Declaration The O&M Best Practices Declaration in PDF format: you may print this out and display in your offices, exhibition stands etc. Download the Declaration here.
SolarPower Europe O&M Best Practices Guidelines - High resolution print version Adherents can download the high-resolution print version of the O&M Best Practices Guidelines to have them printed professionally and distribute them within their organisations. Download it here.