How does it work?

Fill in the Checklist

First, and before registering, download the free Checklist to do a first self-evaluation to see if you pass the Mark’s stringent requirements that are based on the O&M Best Practices Guidelines. The Checklist is an Excel tool that will calculate your score and determine whether you comply based on your answers. If it turns out that you have not yet passed the requirements, then you can implement optimisation measures in your organisation to increase your score.

Compile your Technical Dossier

Second (still before registering), put together your Technical Dossier. The Technical Dossier is a set of documents to substantiate your Checklist. The required documents are listed in the Checklist.

Register and sign the O&M Declaration

Once you have passed the requirements, filled in the Checklist and put together the Technical Dossier, the third step is to sign up by filling in the registration form below. When registering, you will sign the below Solar O&M Best Practices Declaration and accept the Terms of Use in which you will declare that you have successfully passed the Mark’s requirements. As the Mark is based on self-certification, you bear sole responsibility for ensuring completeness of your Checklist and Technical Dossier, which will not be verified by SolarPower Europe. We charge non-members of SolarPower Europe an annual subscription fee of 800 euros plus VAT. SolarPower Europe members are exempted from the subscription fee.

Use the Toolkit

As soon as you have registered, your company will appear in the Companies directory listing all O&M contractors that hold the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark. You will also gain access to the Communications Toolkit including the logo of the Mark that you can display on your website. Note that your Checklist and Technical Dossier will not be published on the website nor shared with SolarPower Europe. You are in charge of storing, maintaining and sharing your documents upon request, while SolarPower Europe provides the platform.

Receive queries from interested parties

Solar power plant owners looking for O&M contractors may find your listing in the Companies directory and request your Checklist and Technical Dossier. When registering, you pledged to make available these documents upon request. Sharing your documentation upon request is key in enhancing transparency. You are in charge of storing, maintaining and sharing your documents upon request, while SolarPower Europe provides the platform. Due to the confidentiality content of some information included in the Technical Dossier, you are welcome to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with interested parties before sharing it with them.

Update your documents annually

SolarPower Europe’s O&M Task Force updates the Checklist annually. (If you would like to be part of this initiative, join SolarPower Europe.) Each year the Checklist is updated and a new version of the logo is issued containing the reference year. You will receive email reminders when a new version of the Mark and the Checklist is available.

Sign the Declaration and register here


Solar O&M Best Practices Declaration

  1. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is a key segment of the solar industry: high-quality O&M services increase solar power plants’ competitiveness and decrease electricity costs.
  2. The SolarPower Europe O&M Best Practices Guidelines is a benchmark document for solar O&M excellence in Europe and the world. We pledge to disseminate it within our organisation and our network.
  3. As a holder of the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark, we comply with the O&M Best Practices Guidelines and encourage all solar O&M stakeholders to strive towards compliance.
  4. We pledge to make available our completed O&M Best Practices Mark Checklist and Technical Dossier to interested parties to enhance transparency and consistency in solar O&M.
  5. We shall use the O&M Best Practices Mark to enhance transparency and consistency in solar O&M.



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